• Mustang GT
  • Nissan
  • Chevrolet Camero
  • Grand Cherokee
  • Ford Fusion
  • Cadillac
  • Toyota Corolla

Around town, short and long trips, you car is your home while you are away from your real home. The choice of vehicle will often match your lifestyle.

Economy, Performance, Hybrid, Electric, Diesel and specialty vehicles are all a matter of personal choice. Around Myrtle Beach the Economy and Hybrid vehicles are starting to replace the larger family car. This is true in other growing metro areas.
The vehicle you will choose will most likely be with you for nearly a decade. Most new vehicles are kept for up to 10 years according to USA TODAY DRIVEON. And this changes everything. More than ever, quality counts. People are now expecting their vehicles to last well over 100k miles with low upkeep.

Sometimes the Myrtle Beach area, being a summer tourist area, gets a little behind in the technology department. Around here WiFi is fairly new.

There aren't a whole lot of public charging stations in the area. In fact I know of only one. It is located on the Horry Georgetown Technical College facility next to the Speir Building. Usually one of the staff is plugged in to this station.
Other locations are a private station in Surfside Beach and one in development in North Myrtle Beach.

So, if you are thinking about bringing your electric vehicle with you when you come to The Beach, be sure to bring your own 110v charger. You will be hard pressed to find a 220v outdoor connection.